Office Setup

So you started your business.  You know what that means; setting up a computer network.    Now what?  How will you open your business when you don’t even know the first steps to getting a network running?  Don’t sweat it.  Call Monstertek and we can get you up and running in no time. 
We’ll think of everything for you even scheduling with other vendors to get your business open on time.  We can even manage third party vendors such as security installers, Phone Company, broadband providers, hardware vendors, etc. 
Need a network cabling installed?  How about connecting two sites with fiber?  Monstertek can make your life a little easier.  Just call us and we’ll give you a free estimate.  Our staff has the experience in getting your site all cabled up and done right.
We can even procure your hardware for you.  From computers to VPN/Firewall devices, we know just about everything under the sun because we Live, Breath, and Eat Technology™.  Monstertek will source your hardware so you can focus on what matters most—your business.  Plus, we make sure your technology will be within budget because we can customize your technology based on what you’re willing to pay.  Big or small, no matter what size, your new network will be up and running when you choose Monstertek.









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